Jane Walker (Diageo)




Diageo is a company prepared to back up its campaign with real action. That should be celebrated.

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Getting far beyond lip service, the company took some real steps to walk the walk (not only talk the talk) including:

  • $250,000 donated to charities supporting women

  • First beverage alcohol company to participate in the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion movement (which pledges internal policies like pay transparency, family leave, bias training, mentoring, and etc) 

  • Deidre Mahlan (president and former CFO) is a a vocal champion for inclusion.

  • 50% of Diageo's board are women, 40% of global exec team female

  • Women make up nearly 50% of its 12 blenders (progressive compared to other producers.) 

Fist bumps all around. This is a champion of women’s rights, a company putting their money where their mouth is and creating real change in the world through their actions. They deserve to be celebrated for using femvertising to grow their brand equity and awareness.

Katie Martell