Part of Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.

"Advertising Age’s judges and members both named Dove’s effort as the No. 1 campaign of the 21st Century for its transparency, its authenticity, its groundbreaking use of global viral video that started with the anti-photoshopping film “Evolution”, and its educational efforts to boost self-image among young girls."



The campaign was a massive success for Unilever. The buzz about the campaign drove 30X more exposure than the paid media space. Sales at Dove grew from $2.5B - $4B in the decade after the campaign launched. 

But, Dove is owned by Unilever, which also owns Axe Body Spray. Same parent company simultaneously running the "Axe Effect" ads, while campaigning on a platform of feminism.

Dove’s PARENT COMPANY, Unilever, also owns Axe Body Spray, RESPONSIBLE FOR ADS LIKE THIS:



Katie Martell